Test Your Knowledge Before Exam Day

Then take EPA Section 608 exams knowing you'll pass.

Looking to get your EPA Section 608 Universal license, but not sure if you're ready for the exam?

Wouldn't be great if you could rehearse for exam day without the pressure, then take the real test knowing you'll pass?

EPA 608 Practice Tests can help you test your knowledge before exam day and know when you're ready for the real deal.

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EPA Section 608 Practice Tests

Sean Murphy

Practice tests helped me prepare for the EPA 608 Universal exam and pass with a perfect score!

Sean Murphy, HVAC Technician

Nervous About The Exam

What is the exam like? Am I adequately prepared for all four sections? What if I fail?

The truth is, taking an important exam can make anyone feel a bit nervous, especially when your career is at stake. A failing score could translate into a huge loss of potential income.

Preparing for an important test, just like a sporting event, requires study and lots of practice. There are a few good study guides on the market for the EPA Section 608 exam, but the problem is they don't allow you to practice very much. Typically, they only include a handful of practice questions.

Boost Your Confidence

Use our EPA Section 608 Universal practice exams to test yourself before exam day, then take the official test only when you're ready.

With hundreds of unique questions covering the Core, Type I, Type II, and Type III sections of the Universal exam—written and reviewed by educators and HVAC technicians—these practice exams are a step above what's currently available.

Now you can get all the practice you need, without the stress. Save time and money by passing exams the first time!

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EPA Section 608 Practice Tests

The Practice Tests Buy now for $29

4 tests, 400 questions.

Get 400 unique questions formulated into 4 unique tests that cover all four (Core, Type I, Type II, Type III) sections of the EPA Section 608 Universal exam.

These practice tests are nicely formatted in printable PDF documents, with answer keys at the end.

Want to use these exams in your training program? Purchase a school license for $859.

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